How to Eliminate Virus Shortcut In Total

How to Eliminate Virus Shortcut In Total

How to Eliminate Virus Shortcut In Total

Here’s how to remove shortcut virus completely and prevent it from returning again. Actually, how to remove shortcut virus is not difficult. One could even say to remove the virus is able to infect rapidly flasdisk does not require special skills. This shortcut virus can be removed very easily. If my friend had a virus problem with this one, please read this article until the end.

Before discussing how to remove shortcut virus in total, first we will learn how systems work this shortcut virus. Virus shortcut works by hiding the original file on a computer or flash. Hide process is done by changing the file attributes into a hidden supper. Furthermore, the virus will create a duplicate of the file in the form of shortcuts (there is a small arrow on the file icon) judi dadu.
In contrast to the workings of another virus, this virus is not actually damage our files. It’s just hidden in the form of hidden supper. So if we are not at the computer settings setting to display the file has attributes hidden supper, then as if – if our original file looks like “Lost”.

Well, let me not be confused and panicked when attacked by this virus shortcut friend can display the file hidden by this virus very easily. Please try the following technique.
How to show hidden files by virus shortcut

1. Go into Windows Explorer. To more easily simply press the Windows key on the keyboard simultaneously with the letter “E”.

2. Upon entry into the Windows Explorer, do the settings files and folders in the folder options. This step can be done with a buddy into the tools menu, or by pressing the alt key in conjunction with the letter “T”. After that plih folder options.

3. Once the folder options window opens, select the tab view and make the settings as shown below.

How to show supperhidden on windows due to virus shortcutHilangkan check the option Hide extentions for known file types and Hide protected operating system files (Recomended). Then click OK.

Relax, do these settings, do not make the windows pal into error. Interest remove the check from the two options above is to show that in the settings file with supper hidden attributes. Files of this type usually used for the file system. So make sure my friend does not delete this file system.
How to Eliminate Virus Shortcut Completed By Total

1. Use antivirus. The function of this virus is in addition to deleting files infected by other viruses, as well as an antidote in case there is another virus from another flash. My suggestion use antivirus is good enough. Not antivirus Abal – Abal. I recommend that my friend uses avast antivirus. There is a free version of it, please download if my friend had not.

2. Perform the scanning process. Do a thorough scanning process, be it on drive c, d drive, or on flash-infected. It would be better if my friend do a full scan. Tungu while until the antivirus scanning by te; ah completed. Then there will be reports of several viruses that are found. In this case please remove all existing viruses. Again, just calm down. File buddy will not be lost. Because this shortcut virus does not infect files but merely hides the file alone.

3. Delete the former firus file in flash. Once the virus is removed usually there are shortcut files left behind by the virus. To clean, open the thumb drive in Windows Explorer. See where the location of the flash drive. Whether in E, F, or G. Remember, do not let one. Usually drive C, is used for the system, D is used to store data and so on. Again, make sure the drive where flasdisk her.

4. In this example, the flash is located on drive F. To make the deletion, please sign in drive f using the command prompt or commonly known as cmd. Do I go to RUN or press the Windows key along with the letter R, then enter cmd in the box and enter.

5. After commandpromt window opens, go to the F drive (drive where the flash is attached) by typing F: and enter.

6. After the next blinking cursor turns into F: \> _ friend can do the removal. Our primary aim is to deletion shortcut files generated by the virus. Make deletion by typing del * .lnk s / d / and press Enter, if there is an error, simply typing del * .lnk and press Enter.

7. In this stage should have a shortcut file generated by virus has been lost. Next we will show you the files that are hidden by this virus by changing attributnya be seen in the normal or standard mode.

8. Still in Command Promt (cmd). Typing again drive let

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