Gian Zola: Titisan Gianfranco Zola in Persib and U-22 national team

Gian Zola: Titisan Gianfranco Zola in Persib and U-22 national team

Gian Zola

Gian Zola: Titisan Gianfranco Zola in Persib and U-22 national team
Young midfielder Persib Bandung, Gian Zola Nasrulloh Nugraha, has now become one of the important part of U-22 Luis Milla’s national team is working hard to pursue gold medal target at SEA Games 2017 held in Kuala Lumpur. Pride looks from the face of the 18-year-old player.

His name began to bolt when entered in the skib Persib Bandung. The success of winning the National Sports Week (PON) 2016 in West Java to make Zola then become one of the mainstay players Maung Bandung in League 1 2017, which does require every club to play three young players under the age of 23 in every game.

Prior to appearing in League 1 2017, Gian Zola’s performance was observed and rated well by U-22 national team coach Luis Milla and a coaching team that monitors players through the 2017 Presidential Cup. Together with Febri Hariyadi, Gian Zola has always been a player called up for training camp And a test match with Team Garuda Muda.

Gian Zola also admitted the pride he felt when wearing a uniform with Garuda’s emblem on the chest and into the stadium to defend the name of Indonesia. That sense of pride even made him more motivated to show the best performance he has.

“Defending the Indonesian national team’s responsibility is greater than when playing with the club. At that time, it seemed to represent more people, representing Indonesia, “said Zola told
“When wearing Indonesian national team clothes and get into the field, would feel more pleased and there is a sense of wanting to give the best. Each player will motivation will be higher when defending the Indonesian national team, until tired alone will not be felt, “he continued.

The future of Bandung-born players in the Indonesian national team is quite bright. Getting a chance when Indonesia’s football era wanted to build a strong Indonesian national team from a young age, Gian Zola was able to show exceptional quality in midfield alongside more experienced players.

Players dropped SSB UNI and SASWCO Bandung was already successfully carved his first goal for the Indonesian national team. Goals scored with left-footed kick it made when Garuda Team faced Cambodia at the Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh, in an international test match on June 8, 2017.

“I do not think I can score goals with the Indonesian national team, especially when there are five senior players who helped us. It is very nice and can not be expressed in words, “said the second son of Budi Nugraha who is also a former football player.

“The goal is a motivation for me, but that does not mean I want to head big. It’s a motivation for me to train harder in order to bring Indonesian national team to be better, “he continued.

Only one time absent following the training camp of Indonesia U-22 national team due to defend Persib Bandung in 2017 Presidential Cup to make Gian Zola is now included in the core team that was built by Luis Milla to form a strong Team Garuda and can compete in Asia and, hopefully , At the world level for the future. However, a 2017 SEA Games gold medal is now a burden that must be carried with other teammates.

Name Gian Zola and Parent Prayer

When hearing the name of Gian Zola, soccer lovers of the 1990s will certainly remember the big Italian football players with Parma and Chelsea. Yes, he is the figure of Gianfranco Zola.

Gianfranco Zola started his football career in 1984 and his name grew bigger when defending Napoli and Parma in Serie A. His career continued into the English Premier League and played with Chelsea. Although only six years to defend the Italian national team, Zola figure so remembered for his tiny body posture with the speed and ability of individuals extraordinary.

For some reason the figure of Gian Zola Nasrulloh really become the incarnation of the Italian player born July 5, 1966 it. Gian Zola from Bandung also has a small body posture with the ability of individuals who deserve thumbs up.

Giving a name that seems genuinely accompanied by a strong prayer from his parents makes Gian Zola now really looks like the legend. Although never really see how great Gianfranco Zola, who memutu

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