Emre Can Please Lallana Recover soon

Emre Can Please Lallana Recover soon

Emre Can Please Lallana Recover soon

Liverpool midfielder Emre Can says he wants Adam Lallana to recover sooner.

The absence of the British national team retainer, due to suffer a serious thigh injury while strengthening the Reds in the Audi Cup Cup final in fatigue over Atletico Madrid Agen Sbobet. Even after undergoing medical examination 29-year-old player was at least pulled over for two months ahead.

However, Emre hopes his colleagues will soon improve. Because Adam is an important player from Merseyside club. However, the young player is also willing to replace him to play in his position and urged other players when given the confidence to give the best for the team.

“Of course Adam is a very important player for us. He is a very good player for us, but now we the midfield players have to keep moving, everything should be able to move, “said Emre Can on the club’s official website.

“Everyone has a different style with Adam, how he plays, but every player should show themselves and fight for the team. I hope he will be back soon.

“He’s a fantastic player and I think we’ll miss him.”

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